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      • Oh sorry I’m asking about the centurion you have listed for sale. I’m looking for a bike for my ten year old daughter, her inseam is about 26.5″.

      • Hi Stephen, the Centurion Iron Man has 700c wheels. It’s standover height is about 29.5″. To get a bike to fit a rider with a 26.5″ inseam you will need a bike with 26″ (559) or 24 inch wheels. See my post here about bikes for smaller riders:
        As important, or more important than s/o height is reach to the bars, so you also have to measure the top tube length to get a bike to properly fit a smaller rider. There are many 26″ options with sloping top tubes available now. There may be some smaller vintage 650b options out there, and there are some vintage Terry bicycles that might work as well. There’s a really nice Centurion “Terry” restored by Josh C of Simplicity Vintage Cycles here:

        One additional thought: I would not purchase a road bike for a 10 year old – they are designed primarily for speed. Looking back to my own youth, I can attest to the fact that I wanted to go as fast as I could on my bike, but a 10 year old is not clued in to safety and may take risks that an adult rider would not. A safer choice for a 10 year old would be a more upright 3 or 5 speed with wider tires.

  1. Perhaps I’m digitally illiterate but I can’t ding any place on this site to just contact the site owner if I don’t have a Facebook, Twitter or … I have a Schwinn bike that belongs to my parents that I rode as a kid and would like to get it restored, possibly, repainted and was wondering if you do that for others or could suggest someone in town, I live in Portland, who may be able to do that. Thanks, Steve

    • Hi Steve, there is a contact form on my “about” page and on my “queries” page. If you let me know the year, model and general condition of the Schwinn I may have some ideas for you.

  2. Nola, I listed my Panasonic Tourist (1975?), purchased in the early 80’s that I had hanging in my garage for 10 years or so. Having a potential buyer coming I took it off the ceiling. I loved this bike. Buyer knew all the details, my price was fair but he tried to cut it 50%. I sent him on his way. and I re-fell in love with her.! Now the restore begins! I will of course be in contact along the way.

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