1920’s through 1950’s

1920's Griffon

1929 Griffon – single speed with flip-flop fixed/ free hub – restoration complete – contact me for price.

peugeot 025

1946 Peugeot PolyMultipliee’ 650b – Sold

2013-04-16 002

1947 Peugeot Mixte 650b – available for sale.

1947 C. Daudon

1947 Camille Daudon 650b Mixte – custom built for Irene Faberge Gunst – in my permanent collection.


1941 Goeland 650b Mixte – restoration underway.

2015-12-31 009

1940’s Mercier Meca Dural (aluminum frame with steel fork) – restoration underway.

1950 Raleigh Sports Tourist Ladies Model – in my permanent collection.

1953 Oscar Egg Mixte

1953 French Mystery Mixte – 700c tubulars, Oscar Egg lugs – contact me for price.


1953 Follis 650b Mixte – restoration underway.


1960’s through 1970’s

www.restoringvintagebicycles.comEarly 60’s Raleigh Rudge – SOLD.

schwinn and party 011

1965 Schwinn American – My Dad’s old bike – in my permanent collection.

raleigh royale 013

1960’s Raleigh Royale single speed (2 speed) conversion – SOLD.

0081970’s Meral 650b Randonneur – restoration in progress.

1972 Mercian

1972 Mercian – 700c wheels 49 x 51 frame – Reynolds 531 – in my permanent collection.

1973 Jack Taylor1973 Jack Taylor Tourist – in my permanent collection.


2016-03-17 002

Mid 70’s Benotto -full Campagnolo – original and unrestored – contact me for price.

2014-09-21 001 031

1977 Jack Taylor Tandem 650b – Maxi Car, Reynolds 531, Campagnolo – unrestored – contact me for price.


1978 Centurion Pro Tour – SOLD.

1970's Austro Daimler Inter 10

Late 70’s Austro Daimler Inter 10 – SOLD.

Schwinn and Centurion Mixte 009

1979 Centurion Super LeMans – SOLD.

1979 Peugeot Gentleman’s Mixte (extra large frame) – SOLD.

1970’s Peugeot Porteur Mixte – Reynolds 531 – available for sale.

1980’s through 1990’s

1985 Nashbar Toure MT

1985 Nashbar Touring Bike – in a friend’s stable.

1980's Viner

1980’s Viner City Bike conversion – available for sale.

120Early 80’s Schwinn Passage – SOLD.

a d mixte 008Early 80’s Astro Daimler Mixte – SOLD.

Panasonic MC 3500Mid 80’s Panasonic MC 3500 converted to city commuter – sold.

Handmade, Not Vintage

2010 Sweetpea Cyclocross2010 Custom Sweetpea Cyclocross – not a vintage bike but handmade in Pdx by Natalie Ramsland – available for sale.

27 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Hello, I recently found your site, I love your bikes. I love seeing a woman restoring vintage bikes, having the knowledge and skills and passion to rebuild, make up parts etc.. Even to this day, cycling forums are still mostly an old boy’s club who refer to their wives as missus, wifey, evil lady who makes them sell their bikes etc. I experience sexism even in the most hip of bike shops…
    I also love your mandate about recycling and restoring quality bikes to keep them out the landfill and cut back on waste. This should go for cars and most manufactured items as well!
    While there is a financial motivation to buy vintage, I also prefer to invest in quality, and modern parts are anything but.
    I have a few questions. What are the handlebars on that lovely Jack Taylor? I would love that bike, or one like it. What is the cost of the 70’s peugeot 531 mixte, and will you be keeping the blue peugeot mixte porter for your own collection? The blue colour is stunning. I had no idea peugeot made such high quality lady bikes, at all. I am always looking for higher end mixtes or step through frames and always told they do not exist. As a tiny person, I have trouble finding bikes that fit, lady bikes usually the only option.
    Thanks, Heather

    • Thank you, Heather. Your discerning comments are welcome. The Jack Taylor actually has two different handlebars as shown in two different photos on my site – one in the Gallery page and one on the Why Ride Vintage page. The latter photo shows it’s original French mustache bars which have no rise or drop and a very short “return” as Grant Peterson might say. The other photo shows the bike with new Soma mustache bars installed, with a slight drop and longer “return”. The JT has unusual geometry in that it’s head tube is lower than the seat tube. I am still working out the ergos on that bike and haven’t decided yet what to do about the bars. I will get in touch with you via email regarding the wonderful blue Peugeot. I am away from my shop right now but will be in touch in a few days. I have a lot of ideas about how to set up bikes for smaller riders. Meanwhile, happy riding!

  2. Hi! I’m glad you have this site, it’s a little different than some of the other sites I’ve seen. I have a question, is there a such size as a Vintage small 43cm/17 inch Mixte Peugeot from the 1970’s? I had a vintage Peugeot mixte in blue that was a 19 inch that I bought at a local bike shop and lost it. As I’ve gotten older I’ve found I need a smaller frame and I prefer the French made Mixte.

    • Hi Kim, the length of a mixte seat tube won’t have much impact on comfort for a smaller rider, because there is already plenty of stand over height. If you need a small frame, it is the effective top tube length that will make the most difference. Most Mixtes were built with a 53cm top tube, making it an uncomfortable reach to the bars for smaller riders. Hence, Mixtes are actually best suited to riders taller than 5’4″ or so. You can find Mixtes optimized for smaller wheels, and you can also modify the stem and bars to provide a more comfortable ride.

  3. Men’s Mixte Peugeot? I had not heard of a “men’s mixte. Wow! How cool is that?! I’m a guy and I love the way the low center of gravity makes the mixte’s handle.

    • Rivendell makes a men’s mixte called the Cheviot (gotta love rivbike’s crazy monikers), but I am not aware of any other modern day men’s mixte’s. I have found many very large mixte’s among the French marquis’, but mostly built in the 60’s and 70’s.

      • I saw a roadie coming up the street the other day on a carbon bike, and it looked for a minute he was riding a mixte, because of the sloped top-tube! The old manufacturers were right all along.

  4. Regarding Rivendell’s name for their mixte, I imagine it is named after the Cheviot Hills which straddle the border of England and Scotland.
    Really enjoy the website. I always considered a mixte to be a lady’s bicycle but you have shown a mixte is for everyone.

  5. I have a 1950s AreoFast is good condition.
    Hello my name is David Selby I’m hoping you can help me.
    I remember this bike when I would go to work with my Dad on Saturday mornings when I was 7-8 years old ( I’m 59 now) it belonged to the owners of the company he worked for it was their sons bike.
    They sold the company to my Dad. My dad passed away 2 years ago as I was going through his stuff I found this bike again ( I’m guessing it come with the company deal)
    My question is should I just put it up (don’t Luke that idea) or restore it? I live just north of Jacksonville Florida in a little town call Callahan Florida. I would love to here your opinion. My w-mail is please help.

    • Hi David,
      You may want to get in touch with The Classic and Antique Bicycle Exchange. This group deals more specifically with American made vintage mid weights and heavy weights. You have an interesting history to share that would probably be of interest to many followers of the site:

  6. Hi,
    Am bringing my old electric blue 1963 Raleigh Sports back from the dead. I’d love to locate a black Touring Bag (hangs from the back of the Brooks saddle) just like the one it was issued with (or similar) back in the day.Can you advise me of any possible sources, please? Thank goodness for Mr Katsaris in Athens- he’s already helped with parts that would have been impossible to source otherwise.Thanks, Simon.

    • Have you tried UK eBay? If you want the actual vintage Raleigh bag, that might be your best bet. Also cycling forums in the UK are a possibility. I actually have one of these but I prefer using Carradice or Brooks for my saddlebags because the quality and utility is much better. Good luck.

  7. I purchased a blue Nashbar Toure MT in the mid 80’s that was the spitting image of the one above. I recall it cost in the mid-$300s and was really quite a bargain. The quality was really quite good. I rode my first couple century rides on that bike.

  8. Hello, I’ve just found your site and I’m absolutely loving it. You have a Mercian which looks amazing, I live in Derby, in the UK where the workshop is still producing steel bicycles.

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