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  1. Hi Nola
    I love your blog. Do you sell these bike you rebuild. I am looking for a vintage mixte bike to supplement my worn out 40 year Raleigh. Let me know. thank you for sharing.

  2. I would like an estimate for the old 1940s bike I inherited from my dad. It is currently in Europe but I plan to have it shipped over to the US soon. Is that something you could do and how much would it be (ballpark)? I can send some images.

    • Hi Yves,

      Do you know the builder/maker of the frame and what model? Before sending photos that would help. I don’t give value estimates but may be able to point you in the right direction.

  3. Ms. Wilken; I recently acquired a Raleigh Sport 3speed. It has a 5 inch rear reflector; Shimano hub; no white fender trim. Can you guess how old it might be. Appreciate your work. Daniel Sinsley .Allentown, Pa.

  4. Ms. Wilken, I don’t know who else to turn to. I have seen pictures of bikes with a short, flat chainstay and a vertically inclined seatstay. This is most interesting but I can’t find out anything about it. Is there a time frame; was this a popular style? Thanking you in advance. Happy Holidys. Daniel in Allentown, Pa

    • Hi Daniel,

      I can’t picture what you are referring to. A vertical seat stay and short chain stay would mean possibly a tiny rear wheel, and/or a non diamond shaped frame.

  5. Short horizontal chainstay. The seatstay is angled closely to the seat tube. Rear wheel is close to the bottom bracket. I can’t find any pictures bu some of the Raleigh Technium come close. Daniel in Allentown

  6. Hi Nola,

    Love your bikes and detailed internet presentations (wish I had that much patience for such Internet posting)! Hey you mentioned that you have many freewheel pullers except a TDC (three notched), I have three and if you’d like one and you could have it for free as long as you’d cover shipping. If you’d like I could send you photos.

    Happy & Safe Cycling!!!

      • HI Nola,

        Gee sorry I haven’t seen your reply (I’m not so internet savvy) . Yes I still have the TDC freewheel puller.


  7. Hello! Just wanted to see how the ProtectaClear is holding up on the fork? Or rather how the fork is holding up under the ProtectaClear. I’m about to follow your method for an early 70’s 531 frame. Thank you in advance!

  8. Hi Nola,

    i‘m trying since weeks to identify an old bike from france. I guess it‘s from 1960s or70s. It has no lugs, an old stronglight crankset and a small chain guard made of hammered sheed with a nice stamp (which i cant identify). The connections between the tubes are very smooth. Its painted all over black – just on the seat tube is a green part framed with french flag decals.
    There was reynolds stem on it and a lucas bell no 73 on it.

    Do you have any ideas what it could be?

    Kind regards

    • Hi Sebastian, I don’t know what you have but there are plenty of forums you could try by posting photos. You could start with, the Classic and Vintage section. Good luck.

      • Hi Nola,
        My name is Tony and I live in Tualatin. I have a 1960s Norman of England rod brakes 28″. I got it as a gift when I was 15 in 1970. I need some parts and was hoping you could help. For example front rim and rear carry rack. Thanks Tony.
        Not sure where to send a email.

      • Hi Tony, the best place to sort parts for your bike is probably UK eBay. Shipping might be expensive these days. You might also try bike forums to see if any enthusiast might have a stash of whatever it is you are looking for.

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