A 1953 Follis 650b

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Here is a very pretty 1953 Follis Mixte featuring Nervex lugs, Fratelli Brivio hubs, Mavic 650b rims, a Simplex Juy rear derailleur with 4 speed freewheel, and a number of other nice features.

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Follis was another highly regarded French builder, founded by Joseph Follis in Italy in the early 1900’s. In the 1920’s, the company established its headquarters in Lyon after Mussolini took power. During and after WWII, the Follis company expanded and began building all kinds of bicycles, varying in purpose and price range, many of which were re-branded by other marques.

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Bonjour, Nicole.

This Follis was owned by Nicole Montbarbon, who resided in Bourg, Ain, France. A clearly visible owner’s name tag was a requirement for all French bicycles during this era.  Nicole took good care of her machine.  Even though the finish is very scratched, the bike appears completely intact and all original, possibly even down to the Michelin 650b 44 mm tires, color matched to the white Sufficit grips and rubber block pedals.


Mavic alloy rims.

2016-05-17 011

White rubber block pedals


Michelin 650B 44 mm tires – heavily cracked sidewalls means they are not safe to ride and should be replaced.


Follis branded Jeay style brakes, nickel plated.

These Follis Jeay-style brakes are a bit nicer design than others I have seen. The inner plate, which pulls up on the caliper arms when the brakes are engaged, has a groove for each arm to travel on, so they stay in adjustment a bit better.


F.B. – Fratelli Brivio hubs.


Nervar crankset

Fratelli Brivio hubs are a nice touch, though the finish is now gone.  F.B. was an Italian component maker who first built hubs for Campagnolo, among others, as well as under their own name.  Nervar cranksets are not as highly sought after as Stronglight and T.A., but can be equally nice.  This one’s finish is pretty bad off, and it probably wouldn’t be worth it to re-chrome it.  Instead, the patina adds to its vintage appeal.


Minimal brazing for the top tube/seat tube attachment. Through the frame cable routing for the rear brake.


Lined lugs.


Brass barrel adjuster for the rear brake.

I have been amazed at the number of different ways a mixte frame can be configured. In this case, the twin sloping top tubes are hand bent at the seat tube attachment, where they are minimally brazed, before travelling back to the rear dropouts. The frame includes pump pegs, double eyelets front, single eyelets rear, and braze-ons for the shifter and dynamo.  However, this particular frame was not built with the highest quality workmanship.  Although the Nervex lugs are fancy, the drop outs are stamped, not forged, and the finish work on the ends is just so-so.  Even so, a cursory examination of the tubes revealed absolutely no dings or dents, just a lot of scratches and lost paint.

P1000956 2016-05-17 007 2016-05-17 013

The lighting system looks intact, except for some broken wiring.  The lamps and dynamo are branded SELF.  The lenses and reflectors are not cracked and have a fun art-deco look to them.  Note the yellow front bulb.

2016-05-17 016

Simplex Juy Bell Crank derailleur

2016-05-17 015

Rigid chain guard

2016-05-17 024

Simplex shifter mounted to frame braze-on.

The Simplex rear derailleur is frame mounted.  This model uses a “bell crank” to move the cage. I haven’t worked on this model before, but fortunately catalog scans are available from Disraeli Gears.

Simplex 05-filtered

This derailleur has open pulleys at the back of the cage, allowing you to remove the chain from the derailleur without breaking it, a helpful feature. The chain is a Sedis model Yellorex, which also appears to be original to the bike.

2016-05-17 022

Luna Model 122B leather saddle.

2016-05-17 019

Matching leather tool cases.

2016-05-17 018

Brass wingnuts, branded “L.P.”

I originally acquired this bike as a “donor” – to give me some needed parts for other projects I am working on.  However, given its completeness and classic beauty, I may change my mind and restore it.  Perhaps that would please Nicole, wherever she may be.  Nous verrons!

1940’s Peugeot PolyMultipliee’ Gent’s Bike

1940's Peugeot

This 1940’s Peugeot was one of the first restorations that I completed.  There were a number of challenges, but because the bike was complete and original, it was worth it.  This Peugeot was well loved and well ridden by its owner.  So, I wanted to make it totally rideable again, as well as to preserve its original beauty and function.

peugeot late 40's 014peugeot0000

peugeot late 40's 007peugeot late 40's 004peugeot late 40's 015peugeot late 40's 003

The bike had both keys to the original fork lock,  plus the owners engraved tag on the down tube.  All the reflectors were intact, and the original toolkit bag looked great.

peugeot late 40's 031peugeot 0161040s peugeot2peugeot 014

The bottom bracket had a small dent on the underside, and one of the pedal cones was toast.  Fortunately, the axles looked good and the other pedal was fine.  To find the parts necessary to repair these old bikes can be a challenge.  Fortunately I found a replacement cone in my parts bin, and I was able to thread the bottom bracket in without a problem.

peugeot 002peugeot 009

peugeot 001peugeot late 40's 026

peugeot 013peugeot late 40's 019peugeot late 40's 050peugeot late 40's 069peugeot late 40's 061peugeot late 40's 062Simplex%2004-filteredpeugeot 012

There were a lot of hours put into cleaning and dealing with mechanical issues.  A particular problem was learning how to adjust and set up the Simplex Juy Tour de France rear derailleur.  Originally, I had the chain routed incorrectly, but this drawing helped to solve the problem.  There aren’t a lot of adjustment options in the rear derailleur, so the shifting is still being “fine tuned”.



The end result proved well worth all the effort – this is a beautiful and fun to ride bike from the late 40’s.  It is equipped with aluminum Mavic 650b rims, Lefol hammer fenders, Simplex Tour de France derailleur, aluminum bars, a rear constructeur rack, a working dynamo with front and rear lights, a complete leather toolbag and kit, Peugeot chain guard, and two keys to the fork lock – all working perfectly.

Update January 2014:  SOLD!  Congratulations to David in California.